流水 2013-01-05

今天香港天气很好 气温也比前几天回暖一些

早上拿了衣服送洗 然后买了豆浆油条做早餐 在银行兑换人民币都爱护在超市买好要寄给爸妈的蔬菜和水果 在SOGO买好家庭装的电动牙刷

乘坐116巴士去到红勘 与DENSON在THE ONE午餐 然后回家睡觉 大概八点半才下楼去吃伤心酸辣粉


Brother visiting

My brother arrived in HK yesterday and he’s going to staying with me for two nights. I rearranged the furniture in my tiny room to make a sofa bed for him.

During the stay, he mostly stays in the sofa, playing with his cellphones, without any talk between us. I feel I’m still alone here just like the other days I spent by myself.

And my brother will not initiate a hang out with me at all, either going to a coffee shop or dining. He will just expect me to cook something for him at home I guess. And I did and I did the dish washing after too. He will just stays in the sofa playing with his phones as always.

What can I do with this?

日记本里抄过来 20100716

1 和frey参观max项目

2 三人去歌城唱歌

日记本里抄过来 20100717

1 david和明吃饭 我没敢去 哎。。。

2 搬家具 床挪到里面房间

日记本里抄过来 20100715

1 和朱奇去滨江大道星巴克

2 和张强去了镇宁路愚园路茶餐厅

3 发现158手机可能有问题,短信很晚被收到 当然也可能是借口

4 had 3 calls tody good

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